"Whenever I have a problem I just sing, and then I realise my voice is worse than my problem."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"The Pretty girl gets the man" but we..

me, yana and eva went out yesterday..
we decided it was time for a window shopping, catch-up..
and gossips, of couse..hahhaha..is always FUN..

kami ke 'The Curve'.. hurm one of my pav place to hang out..
coz no rempit at there.. hakhakahka..

our objective : to have as much fun as posibble in the limited time available..
T-shirt and short still the best choice for looking 'santai'.. =)
actly yesterday.. first time meet eva.. but yeah she's nice.. funny n gila2..
so me comfortable with she.. hope eva pon mcm tu..It's been so good to have both of you as a friend..

after pusing2.. heheh we singgah @little penang..
the food just nice.. me mcm biasa layan cendol ja.. on diet kan..
mna mahu mkn mlm.. den we chaT..CHAT...chat.. laugh..laugh...
so happy.. and alsooo..
shared problems.. =( bila sampai part ni.
serious.. mmg xsuka.. i mean.
hurm mula la sumer buat muke.. mcm nk kene pijak!! not fun anym0oree..
yeah kene admit la..
no one in dis WORLD free from problem rite..
just chill ya~ just face it..
tapi apa boleh buat.. as a frenz.. kene la jdi a good listener. optimist..

ya la mana tidaknya... kami bru aja ditiggalkan.. LOne ranger tau!!
huhuhu sedih itu pasti.. tapii
the smartest woman know how to handle all dat thing..
even her body want to screaming... and for me.. ???
hurm.. i think ill let the matter drop.. soryy!!..

my conclusion : thing woman can learn from men is the correct way to think, do and act like a men..

to my dear.. yana n eva : p.s I.L.U okey!

p/s : a smart woman is always a cool women..


Azhar85 said...

Anys said :

"my conclusion : thing woman can learn from men is the correct way to think, do and act like a men.."

Azhar85 said :

"thing woman can learn from man is the correct way to think if the man is good but don't act and do like a man either he is good or bad.."

"act and do like a woman but understand the man..that's better.."

: : Anys : : said...

thx Azhar.
but.. hurm..