"Whenever I have a problem I just sing, and then I realise my voice is worse than my problem."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tags: My bestie..

weekend me bosan juga..
blik hometown pon gak punya agenda..
family bz... abah, out station.. bonda sibok ngn research..
adek2 sibok camping. adik pompuan aku dah selamat register kat uitm..
kalo x ade jugak teman nk gossip.
aiyak.. bosan2..
'snap shot' la apa lagi..
wek.. =P
this time..
my best bestie. tompel and ajime.;p

Saturday, June 27, 2009

guess.. who is he?

as student..i think..

he's cool and have a nice personality. Care to elaborate further..
I think he is good in teaching too.

as friend.. i think

he is nice to me. easy to talk too.. he is the person who tells me what faults and rights in private.. loyal and funny. hehehhe ^^

p/s:The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.

silly lillyyy!!! rockin over me~

If you want to be happy, be..
If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.
If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine ^^.

p/s: Originality is... a by-product of sincerity. =)

He is unforgettable... "The King Of Pop"

yups.. yeah... be honest~
I hv always been a fan of Michael Jackson..
his music was awesome... but when i found out about this ...
this morning.. before answering It security paper..
i thought it was just a joke that a friend was playing
but then seeing it on TV.. it just made it all too real.
Cant believe dat!!
he is legend.. he was an amazing dancer.. and talented singer of coz..
I grew up enjoying to Jacko's song.. admire him..
i loved his music..
his music was truely inspiring, entertainment n emotions.
and will live on forever...
It brings back so many memories.

'you are not alone'... .my fav song.. terbaik!!!
da bomb! i like this part

That u are not alone
For I am here with u
Though u're far away
I am here to stay

'one day in ur life' also one of my fav songs..
hurm.. sudirman used to sing this song before..
Both are great in their own musical world.

One day in ur life...
When u find that u're always waiting
For a love we used to share
Just call my name...
& I'll be there

may ur soul rest in peace
u are a real legend.. & LEGENDS never die

p/s: one day we laugh one day we cry.one day we live one day we die..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Fun.. :)

click to enlarge the picture and know my family =)

* This is my family...

Actually, all members of my family have the same important influence to my life. Each of them has a different way in making me be a grown-up girl like now. But since I was a little girl, the one who is close to me the most is my mother..

My mother is the closest person to me. We share a deep bond that makes me feel unique. Despite all the troubles that she's been through, she still manages to keep her feet on the ground and her head held up high. She's always there for me when I need help, and I never hesitate to ask her for advice. She's a strong person, always patient and forgiving me, even when I know I don't deserve it. My mother never thinks twice about offering concern, comfort and care to anyone she meets. She's a truly wonderful person.

My Father are The Person I Admire Most. A lot has happened between us over the years, we spent time together, and time apart. There were times when I thought we couldn't get any closer, and there were times when we seemed so far apart. But somehow since I'm in college, we seem closer now than ever, maybe not by distance, but by our hearts. Perhaps it's because I grew up now, and we understand each other. better.

Pijah is my younger sister.She is 19 years old. nothing much about her. She is very low profile. Edie is my first younger brother. He is an extreamly athletic kid and likes to play all types of sports. His favorite sport is hockey, and his really talented at it. Akie is my second younger brother. He is extremely mature for his age and I am very proud of all that he has accomplished, and all he has yet to accomplish. Afiq, he is only 10.. and Ewan still a little bby. My two little brothers are great and cute. :p They like to fight and can't stand being around each other, but i know they love each other. They play lots together and get very competitive with each other.

I love all of them very much... I love them forever....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

one more left..

enjoy TIME is coming!!

welcome Tomorrow! yeah~

tomorrow i hv one more subject which is It security.. hahha
bye2 3rd sem..
gosh !!!
sorry to say but i hate that subject..
really... hate theory subject..
not the lecturer of c0z.. =)

hurm.. on friday nite..
movie TIME tapi cm dah lambt sumer org dh syok open story
every ware. always transformers..
transformers.. even time lunch tdi pon
org sebelah tepi kiri kanan ..transformers..transformers..!!!
on train pon org tepi kiri kanan
keep chating abt transformers..transformers..

wah everyware!!!transformers..transformers.. hahahhahah

p/s : bumble bee da cutest one..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

aku puazzz

hahaha akhirnya aku dpt jugaK!!!
last week sblom final sempat g shopping..
ingt nk window je..
tapi.. hehheh

even bajet bulan ni lari sket.. but ok la aku puasZZZ..
xsabar nk swim ngn barang baru.. bau kedai tuuu

NEW..i buy new ok.. xd bundle tau!

Nose Clip - Clear (Arena) RM 9.00
Sport Bag White - Medium (Arena) RM 89.90
Swimwear (Arena) RM139.90 + RM 99.00
Google (Arena) RM 79.90
Swim Cap(Speedo) RM69.90
Towel (Disney) RM 49.90
Flip Flop (Ticket) RM 10.00
Inner (UKNOWN) RM29.90

so total around rm500. =( but ok la

akhirnya segalanya baru..

p/s: yg lama aku nk jual.. sapa mahu???
kira second hand la..
google(Speedo) RM20.00
swimwear(arena) RM20.00
swimcap (arena) RM15.00
*no shipping ye.. COD only

Monday, June 22, 2009

Teenager Girl ...

what are me now AND later... :)

Teenager girl AND test..

Teenager Girl AND lift HEAVYWEIGHT...

Teenager girl AND exam nighmare..

Teenager Girl AND Fear of exam...

Teenager girl AND GRADUATE GIRL ...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Take a break.. waste time.. yeah ^^

Weekend Agenda : study.. belajar and study.. serta belajar

It’s funny rite..Final is just Tomorrow..
Small amount of student are actually studying. hahah…
me macam biasa la suka study last minute...
and i still have time to take a shots.. snappp pix lalallal~

my friends already plan what to spend their trimester break even just 2 days( sturday and sunday..). For me, doesn’t make any difference, but I’m already thinking about trimester break; hope that I can sleep more and yea, my ultimate goal is to sleep more. ^_^

owh ok.. TIMe out!!!
i need to continue my study now..

p/s: gd luck buddy! ^_^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is friendship?

A friend is someone who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts who you've become, and still, gently invites you to grow.

"then who u are for ur friends? are u really a good friend? "
i'm done with the friendship QUIZ.. and i'm glad to share with u guys..

how do you see yourself in a relationship?
-a give and take relationship.

how do dates usually go?

-i love to talk and have conversations. ^^

what would you say to a girl/guy if they asked you about one thing you would change?
-i'll try my best..

if your guy/girl sucked at singing what would you say?
-wow thats bad!

If some friend confides a secret in you, then:
-I’ll guard the secret even at the cost of my life.

When you are with just one friend, you might:
-Spend time just sitting and talking anywhere.

If a friend hurts you, you will:

-Still keep the friendship on from my side, and give time a chance.Feel very sad and wait them for an explanation.

If a friend has a learning problem, you will:
-Take time out and learn the topic together.

Your friend is lately going out with other people and ignoring you. What will you do?
-Not bother. Let it be! I too have other friends to go out with.

Your friend has borrowed money from you and is not returning it. How will you react?
-Ask them once or twice, and then let it go if still not returned. Friends are more important.

Your friend is getting better grades than you. You will:
-Work harder and try to defeat your friend the next time.

my result

The Best Friend
You certainly have a long list of friends. Many a times you do not know how to juggle time to keep them all happy. Your childhood friendships will certainly grow and get enriched even when you become an adult.

p/s: what say u?

Friend week?

on this week.. i will keep posting about friend and friendship..

I had a positive and very negative experience.
i learn aLOT!!!

I'm very sorry for that. Sorry for myself too..

p/s: 4 those who know 'the story'... just renung-renungkan.

she lies to me and my friends....ALOT!!!
# yes thats a perfect friend !!!---thats just mean--- this is not the right way actly..

she talks about us behind our back
# i really don't care. becoz i know u're just jealous.

we always have to make time just to hangout but she can't take time for us
# its ok, as a human being.. i really understand her..

she interupts and buts into peoples conversations when we are talkin
# this is not right.. she has no respect for anything

would you give that person more chances after you explained to that person
# yes.. i believe second chance is better den first time. from dat she will know, her mistakes.& i hope she will INSAF.

would you like to have this person as your friend?
# yes. if she is not really rude n promise wont lies ANYMORE!!!!....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

if i could be....

IF u could be a man for a day, who would it be and why?????

anys : my father.. so i can understand him better.

btw.. Happy father's day, abah.

p/s: to all fathers in da world.. happy father's day.. :) u are the best okey!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exam is Coming soon....

it's sad to say that the final exam
is around the corner AGAIN...
The first paper was on 22th of JUne. Guess what's my preparation for the exam ?
Correct ! I haven't start anything yet

That means I left only 12 day to study -.-|||
Starting to feel nervous now..

This weekend I'll back home to celebrate my sis's weeding..
side hubby dia lak la... at bukit antarabangsa...
It's quite a rare chance for me to go..
so i choose to go instead of stay at home and study..study..study.. hahahhahaha.

Should i bring some notes there ? hurm..
I'm not sure also...

Assigments never DONE!!!

yes yes finally its done
Business Analysis project is over
not really exactly over
i still have many assignment to doo..
VB, It Security, DBMS, Java, c#... arggg
which i really have no mood at'll

my result this semester probally will deteriorate a bit
especially Java but anyway i had already tried my best
so i am proud of myself making through this semester..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my sis's weeding<3

Sorry guys that I’ve been really bz last weeks n I was out of town for my sister’s wedding. Now I’m back and plan on catching up ASAP! BTW that picture was taken by HandPhone buruk me.

Finally, after dating for 3 years, my sister and her chosen man decided to marry each other. The wedding ceremony went quite well and every detail was marvelous. I was amazed to see her in a wedding dress. The whole thing was a great fun and all I can wish my sister and her husband is to have a happy living together for long

Friday, June 5, 2009

My great Grandma and Grandpa..

they r cute rite?
mesti la nenek n atok syer... dont be jealous ok

My Grandpa are extremely great
My Grandma mean more to me
More than my life.

p/s: nek.. tok.. I.L.U.. mishh juga =(

aku belek2 pictures yg ader dlm laptop aku tetibe terjumpa
folder raya thun lepas.. belek punya belek jumpa pic nek n tok aku..
rindu pula kat nek ngn tok time2 cmni..
jumpe pon time raya je. setahun sekali.. ni side my mum..

nek n atok side my dad, dua2 dah xd.. AL-Fatihah..

so aku upload untuk tontonan semua..

Check In...?

How is everyone doing?

I feel all of these…

I am strong, I am healthy, I am loving, I am loved, I am happy, I am at peace, I am excited about the future, I am self-loving, I am forgiving and forgiven, I am progressing, I am succeeding, I walk tall, I smile broad, I laugh, I feel joy, I am worthy, I am deserving, I am successful, I sleep peaceful, I am connected to everything.

I am weak, I am sick, I am raging, I am sad, I am anxious, I am lonely, I am afraid, I am self-sabotaging, I am blaming, I am failing, I shrink, I am angry, I cry, I feel deep sadness, I am unworthy, I don’t deserve, I am a failure, I have nightmares, I am alone….

p:s/happy by yourself…

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

happy 21 st birthday

my Dearest Friend...
MOhd Zaki Yamani..

Friendship isn't a big thing....,
....It's a million little things. ,

Thanks ZEq for your friendship,
Happy Birthday!!

Work Happy..

Siapa paling melayu???? hehehhehe

Me and my Colleagues. Dec 07-June 08.
After doing my Diploma kat Multimedia University..and Continue my degree kt KLMU. me worked before.. kat GL Media n Advertising Malacca...
Walaupon me only malay girl work at there tapi tu xd hal la.. Me get along very well. my work is not hard.. just design the websites.. chating..on Myspace..on friendster....n enjoy. hakahkahkahak.. bestt!!!

And paling best, kalo project dah siap, customer lak dah bg approval.sumer sttled..we go karaoke la...go makan-makan.. go club.. jgn salah anggap.. when u work with Chinese company.. tu la cara they reward u.. ye la u dah kerah otak.. kerah tenaga kan....besh2x..

Tapi main problem keje kat sane.. erm language issue la..
i cant speak, read or understand mandarin.. :(
dalam meeting pon dorg speak mandarin.. me cm kutu blurrr.. Apakah??Apakah??
Customers yg dtg chinese jugak la.. hurm..pasni kalo ader peluang mng nk study mandarin.. verry important kalo kerje ngn company cmtuh.

Big thanks to my big boss.. sgt supporting.. mish him =).. thx to Ms.Alicia my supervisor.. thx to ahtan..Joyce designer... ellen, zoey dan sau mei.. mish u all.. mwah2x..

p/s: miss them all..