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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i love my crocs..

introduce to all..

my crocs.. hehehhe

I love my Crocs no matter what anyone says or thinks. hahaha
They r my most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever worn.
I love them for 2 reasons.. 2C Color and Comfort..
I can run a mile in them to0 :P
and they are cute too.. look at my jibbitz (those little decorative or little thing that i plug into the holes of my Crocs)... cute kan? hehehhe

SO, if anyone wants to fight me, go n buy crocs 1st


p/s: I wear my crocs almost everyday.


sicKo^ said...

why i had this some sort of dejavu feeling towards this post, huh?? hehe..
tak abis2 promote lagi.. ye lar2.. cantik lar.. cute lar..

rauna said...

aku pn ade gak la Crocs...
hahaha... boye drt je xde g... hahaha