"Whenever I have a problem I just sing, and then I realise my voice is worse than my problem."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hidup aku mcm sampah?

okey.. hi hello

I've been thinking and this is really bothering me...

Kenapa aku rase mcm sampah?
.. shitty gilew... argggg
slutt sumer la.. jijik..
omig0d ape yg aku dah buat ni..
I regret.. by all.. why I should believe people.. too fast.. met wrong guys..
they is my nightmare.. arggghhhhh

Excuse my bad grammer and spelling today..
P/S: I'm Retarded


Alexander said...

sabar...... sabar.......
heheh.. hey wassup.. long time no see.. aiya...

Anys.Puteh said...

ngh sbr la jugak ni.. ;[[ ha tu la.. dah lame xgr citw.. hehheh