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Monday, January 31, 2011

bye amazing JANUary

kenapa saya cakap amazing JANUARY.
bcoz this month lot things happened. 'good thing'
every single day is special day ohh! ader crita sendiri.

just like today...

after back from work, me && BF 'hurry-hurry' && 'running-running' find ATM machine.

HAHAAmacam biasa la. today is LAST DAY before start new-month.

tersenyum ngok angka yang terpapar kat screen ATM tuh.. waaahh!! BANYAK!
layann dalam otak dah berkira-kira nk uat pe.. heeehe

macam-macam ada:)


received 'unxpected' call this evening from someone :)
hurm, what so great kan?? kikihkih! ;) biasa lah semua org dpt call.
SHE told me that my car loan has been approved! && the car will be ready on middle FEB ;)


this is 1 of the things that i wanna have after i work so hard....
rase lain macam bila kita usaha sendiri kita dapat..
previous car given by my parents, hurm jujurnyer macam xkisah sgt.
tpi skrg happy lain macam.. ehehhehehe so i learn here..
something about my self. just discover another strength and personal weakness..

NOW. i can focus more and be serious to get another important 'things' heheeh.
for me, this is like 'new spirit' like new 'air'. feels good:)

"after i get this, i want this and i must have it" this is 'my-type'.
wish i can be successfull person in future. be honest .. xlarat la nk keje bawah org. bukan xsuke.
tapi dalam kepale otak ni ader macam2- idea
nak berbusiness.
thx to my parents, who nvr give up on me.. and always give me support. baik nasihat or $$$ hhehhe:)) doakan cita-2 me trcapai. AMIN..

AHA. to get married? nah!!!..later think about it!

p/s: Happy FEBRUARY :) all:)

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Miss Rhea said...

yeay! dh dapat kete!!! hehehe