"Whenever I have a problem I just sing, and then I realise my voice is worse than my problem."

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am sooooooooo stoopidddddd00000.

In a simple sentence Let the Past be the Past.
There is n0thing i can do abt it.
It doesn’t matter wat u do now u still cannot change the past.
The past has got u to where u r today now ...move on. butttt...

I’m coming to the realization dat most of my thoughts abt the past r negative.
so many stupid things yg aku pnh buat..mistakes, bad experiences, friendships lost,...
also got dumped.. and bla..bla..bla..i cant Stop telling myself how bad i am before. betapa malunya aku.. always blame my self..why..why.. and why..???

when I see something or hear something that reminds me of 'dat' thing,
which takes me to some past failure...the bad times in my life..
the times i have failed. argghhh!!!! benciiii!!!! loser ny aku!!!!!
aqrgghhhh!!!! =(

i just want to lupakan semua abt it but cant seem to stop thinking pasal ni
and cant even forgive myself for it...
right now im just not very happy with myself for it. very sedih.. :(
n i hope to just put it in the past.
i know..there is only now and the future...
i keep asking myself “What’s more important right now?”
and try projecting 'them' to the future.

but me still me... poor me.. poor anys.. and now i'm sitting here, blogging abt how STUPID i am..

p/s:Just do what you want. Have no regrets! live life the way you want!


Azhar85 said...

Everybody doing mistakes in the past..but the most important is..never repeated the same mistakes twice...

P/S : Cheers baby..huhuhu :)

: : Anys : : said...

thx azhar..
but..its always as bad as a nightmare..

[Mr Jigsaw] said...

forgive ur self..and be around ppl dat loves u...dont always look at our past lives coz tomorrow's is a brighter day..