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Thursday, August 27, 2009


finally aku ader acc facebook sndiri..
kire bru tahap beginner la..

so pade korg yg ader acc facebook..
and tahap master..
dont be shy ok
add aku.. hkahakhakahka



sicKo^ said...

haha.. at last.. Welcome to the club n enjoy ur stay..

JonyBr said...

ope u wont be spending hours playing farm ville there :p

sicKo^ said...

Mr JonyBr,
why not?? it's fun and its the new thing now. Maybe not so new but its truly fun. Maybe u should give it a try sometimes..

Come'on.. Lets do some farming on farmville..

: : Anys : : said...

alraedy join da club..

add me as neighbour.. plz..plz..

: : Anys : : said...

u right.. sir..
today i hv mid term test
it technologies..

but last night i busy spending hours with my 'farm'

sicKo^ said...

haha.. dah farming dah ko skrang. abis lar ko.. game tu addicted..

: : Anys : : said...

hahhah tu la pasal.. pasni xyh la jual crocs dah