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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10th Multimedia University Convocation 2009

My convocation is on 10 August 2009 at MMU Grand Hall / Dewan Tun Canselor , Cyberjaya Campus. Those who would like to take photos with me are most welcomed :)
bring flowers too.hehhehe

but the problem is... :P
What should I wear on my convocation day? All grads will wear their keepsake gown during the ceremony. me?


Azhar85 said...

Congratulation on your convo...it's been a while since I had my convocation in 2007...that 2years ago..huhuhuhu :)

P/S : doesn't care what you dress for your convocation because in my eyes you're still beautiful as what you are..huhuhu :)

: : Anys : : said...


p/s: wah ayat manis ye.. tu la Beauty is the greatest seducer of man.. hahkhakhaka

gurau je k.

HELAS said...


pakai la apa ja puuun.. yg pentingggg.. sopaaaannnnnn.:D

Azhar85 said...


maybe...huhuhu :)

P/S : Anyway i'm honest to the compliment i gave you... :)

: : Anys : : said...

heheh yups..
sopan ya.

good la to be honest.