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Friday, July 31, 2009

how to say i miss u.. in other languages..

mi manchi (ITALIAN)
मुझे आपकी याद आती है (HINDI)
あなたがいなくて寂しいです (JAPANESE)
ich vermisse dich (GERMAN)
sinto saudades de você (PORTUGUESS)
tu me manques (FRENCH)
te echo de menos (SPANISH)

ya la, i miss him..
im talking about a man he used to be my boy friend..
i miss him and really want him back..

i talked to him , about my feelings and memories about him n us. and he said i dont want to talk about it anymore. give me some space.. kalau ader jodoh ader la..
so worried.. going crazy..
what should i do. ?

...my aim is improving..


JonyBr said...

This is not my place to say anything but i have learnt it never works out if 1 of us is not willing any more, than we r just keeping the promise and not really in love.

Its just difficult for us to realize and accept. but the fact remains, it IS DIFFICULT.

you r not alone, many of us have gone thru similar experiences, you r young and i m sure u ll find other priorities in life as well as many other interesting people.

I wish u the best in life, always keep smiling and God bless :)

Azhar85 said...

I didn't have any experience in this but maybe this word has a meaning in it..

"Don't worry, sometime thing happen because there were a reason..in the future we will know why we were not fated to that person..and why we were fated with somebody else..only God knows everything..for the time being..just follow the flow..flow will brougt us to our true fate.."

P/S : Anys..awk still young..there a lot of time for you..you're beautiful..just focus on ur study and morality..I'm sure you will find your soul mate one day.. :)

: : Anys : : said...

thx sir atif..
thx azhar..

i just really miss him yesterday..
i hope he can understand me and my feeling.. actly i dnt know how its all began.. for me he has no reasons.. why he treated me like that...n leave me.. only god knws..