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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ice Age 3

anys and arip!

syam and azi!

afiq, syam and azi!

last week.. anys, ani, azi, afiq,arip and syam (5 A's & 1 S) plan xnk msk class semata2 for ice Age.. hahahahha

actly, we already in class. and the class start at 2pm.. so at 1.55 kami ghaib..disappear n go to klcc.. and buy tickets for Ice age 3 (3D)..
the movie started at 4.30 pm.. so we decided to lepaking..loitering at McD for 2 hours.. hahahaha buang masa tol.. but we laugh aLOT.. chat..CHAT..Chat and chat..
laugh..LAUGH..laugh... so happy..

part yg xleh tahan when we talked pasal zaman knk2.. hahahaha.. from dat we noticed arip la yg super duper degil n nakal.. wek :D btol la org ckp bila kene rotan, kene marah, kene pukol la baru jadi manusia..aku syg kengkawan aku. hakahkahka!!! me and friends..really have a good time together and really enjoy the movie..
i'm sure korg pon mesti ader sweet memories abt ur childhood..

the movie was marvelous.. heehehe this is so ecxited movie.. this is so much fun!!
each of the characters are so unique and funny.. hahaha paling klakar.. tiger yg pancit..(Diego)..& Manny ..& dinos yg comel and ofCoz our new hero Buck... they are super great! Highly recommended.. go and see by urself ok..

conclusion: jgn ponteng class n go for movie..

p/s:A Good Friend Will Bail You Out of Jail, But a Best Friend Will Be Standing Next To You Saying "Damn! That Was Fun!"


sunnysideup said...

Looks like you guys are having real fun. But why do you look so green ah ! ...
and I'm still waiting for your bowling forms. Lucky you...can choose atif or mike....

Azhar85 said...

The title didn't fit the content..the title should be like this


that would be better..huhuhu

HELAS said...

buat suspense ja ahaha

: : Anys : : said...

serious x hbis edit den disconnect..
so cm mls nk connect balik
biRKN je la.. hahahha

nix125 said...

best tol,siap skip class g hu2...org pon tgk gk tp biase pnye,3D xckup bajet hu2...x sludup kuar kew spet tu satu,cam lawa jew :D...