"Whenever I have a problem I just sing, and then I realise my voice is worse than my problem."

Monday, March 9, 2009

abt me..

I am someone. Sounds cocky and all but yeah maybe I am.
So you could already guess that I am quite confident.

But I also say this because I want to be someone to my friends, to be there for them.I'll be friends with you if you will be friends with me!

Another is that, someday, I want to be someone who was able to do it.. all in the sense that
I have fulfilled my dreams and satisfied my questions about the world.

I just prefer to be approachable and open to everyone but
sometimes I can't help but really look serious that's primarily because of random ideas and over analyzing matters that interest or manage to grab my attention.

I am an explorer. I love to try new things, to be on an adventure,
seek out the truth on my own and be able to discover new things.

I am a fighter. I believe that one of my strong points is that my will is strong,
it serves as my drive and inspiration. So far no difficulty has stopped me, even thought pain has hurt me so much to the point that I felt myself breaking ..

I am impossible. Not really impossible to deal with or to talk with but
I sometimes ask or want for the impossible.

I am tricky what I mean is that I am complicated in my ways.
I am not deceitful though just quite unpredictable.

I trust people entirely too easy ... i hate it, so dont take advantage

People tend to judge me before they actually get to know me so poor on them!

I'm not going to make out with my best friends boyfriend...
So I expect my best friends not to make out with my boyfriend.

I am tricky what I mean is that I am complicated in my ways.

I'm good in computer things.. tadaa and major in some sort of software :P

I can't go a day without my computer and
I can go a moment without my cellphone. ahakz

I'm the weirdest person you'll ever meet.
most of the time, i don't know what is going on.

I laugh A LOT i can be annoying oh well

I like reading but I haven't read anything worth my time in awhile. ...
If you would like to recommend a book to me that would be cool.

My favorite colors is pink n white.

I've never been kissed in the rain or train and make love at public. Huahuahuahua

I love music & drama.. but I try not to start it or be part of it

I am a good listener and i'm very good at giving advice.

I have been in love also been hurt.

I want to be a hulk...dont make fun of me

i meet people that i like.
i condemn those i hate.
i hate posers.
i love people with an essence of originality.
i hate arrogant people and stuck ups.
they think they know everything
but all they know is things that revolves in their own world.
dont judge me before knowing me.
mess with me and imme mess with you.
its do or die.
it's highly exaggerated!
Psssht... Duck off!......

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