"Whenever I have a problem I just sing, and then I realise my voice is worse than my problem."

Friday, March 20, 2009

aku dh ngok citer benjamin button

"One of the BEST films I hv ever seen! Brad Pitt is great in this role superb babe!! I was actually surprised at just how much I liked dis movie.Telling the truth.. normally i extremely love and more into thrill, war and something like dat.. dis is a touching love story with a twist like no other. Not only do women like it beCoz of the romantic side of it, but men like it beCoz of the twist... It makes u step back and think abt what life is really abt and the relationships we hv along the way. also...Kind of a crazy idea, but it was handled better than I expected.. I didn't truly know wat to expect going into it.. wat the ending.. that really makes you stop and think. serious...It was a bit long but it did not feel too long u have to see for urself! Definitely recommended"

I love this part... very..very..very romantikkk...

Daisy :"Will you still love me when my skin is old and saggy?"

Benjamin: "Will you still love me when I have acne, wet the bed and am afraid of what's under the stairs?"

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