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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 1st anniversary to myblog

Hooray! =)

October 31, 2009 (around the corner )
was my first blogging anniversary. Hard to believe just over a year ago I barely knew what a blog was and what make people so addict to their blog. actly I’m afraid I’ll become addict to that too.. and now i am fully understand. and daaa =) this also my way to express and share story apart from diary.

...and its all began

What’s next?

♥ I am trying to duplicate my success. hehehe to be a better person
♥ I hope people will know me better ^^ no suspicion and misunderstanding anymore..bluwekks =P
♥ buy a good camera n take a photo.. and share with u guys.. <3
♥ I hope to do more collaborative projects.
♥ reading blogs at least 15 minutes a day..
♥ Inspire people to do better and make a difference
♥ make more money $$$$$$$$ n get more money!!
♥ owh ya.. i need vacation...
Thank you

♥ I want to say a big 'TQ' to all my readers aka friends who have supported and help me, to all the visitors who visited this blog from the beginning until now.. Thank u verY muchhhyyy2x
♥ again...Thank you very much for your continuous support!

100th post..


p/s:I love you guys for all your support..


JonyBr said...

Happy Anniversary *yayyyyyy*

: : Anys : : da b0mb ka! said...

TQ <3

HELAS said...

eh 1 year?? waahhh

happy bloggerversary

: : Anys : : da b0mb ka! said...

heheh tenkiu <3

thx for ur support juga

sunnysideup said...

Happy anniversary and manymany more to come !!

: : Anys : : da b0mb ka! said...


sicKo^ said...

Happy.. happy.. happy eniveseri..

: : Anys : : da b0mb ka! said...

hepiii sgt !~