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Monday, October 12, 2009

help me? plzz...

kalau korg bijak pandai sangat

apakah maksud perkataan ni ye??

2.koko krunch?
3.ice cream?

p/s: plz dont ask mr mus... he will laughed till crying again ^^


sunnysideup said...

I think the agar-agar is the most scary of all ! Its like belly dancing with too much belly !

Yes---my eyes are more 'sepet' than usual thanks to you, leas and sheila !!! I understand the owner was going to chase us out just now, unless youu show your quivering "perut."

I know you're controlling your laughter - ( maintain lah tu ! muka serious--tapi 'parut' ada earthquake ) --- but be careful of your perut ha !

boysebol said...

susah nye soalan..LMAO
btw,nice blog here :)

: : Anys : : da b0mb ka! said...

hahah yups sir..

habis kita ketawa macam bru lps watch sad movie.. cry cry like baby mata sepet.. hahahha esp you
:p hihihi

thx sir.. for hi-tea :p

disebalik soklan actly ader peristiwa. hehehehe
yups urs also.. nece yuhhuuu~~

sicKo^ said...

aku bijak pandai tapi taktau lar aku maksud perkataan2 tuh..

: : Anys : : da b0mb ka! said...

mesti dulo sekolah x hbis hekhekhek