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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my sis's weeding<3

Sorry guys that I’ve been really bz last weeks n I was out of town for my sister’s wedding. Now I’m back and plan on catching up ASAP! BTW that picture was taken by HandPhone buruk me.

Finally, after dating for 3 years, my sister and her chosen man decided to marry each other. The wedding ceremony went quite well and every detail was marvelous. I was amazed to see her in a wedding dress. The whole thing was a great fun and all I can wish my sister and her husband is to have a happy living together for long


HELAS said...

musim cuti sekolah adalah musim kawinnnnn

Azhar85 said...

Huhuhu..Anys..bile nak kawin..huhuhu..just jokes.. :)

P/S : Rase cm nampak Anys masa nak naik lif pagi tadi..your curly your hair right?...if not..sorry..maybe wrong person..

: : Anys : : said...

tu la helas bila lak nk kawen ni?

: : Anys : : said...

anys pon rase cm nmpk azhar gak
wek kene tgl dek lif kan
myb me lakot.

HELAS said...

bila-bila pun boleh lawin ne.... anytime.. tp mmng parah laaa.. keja apa pun xdalagi ahahh

: : Anys : : said...

hahah sbr je la..
ader jodoh x kemane..

sheikhayat said...

awk lak bile agi..:D