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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exam is Coming soon....

it's sad to say that the final exam
is around the corner AGAIN...
The first paper was on 22th of JUne. Guess what's my preparation for the exam ?
Correct ! I haven't start anything yet

That means I left only 12 day to study -.-|||
Starting to feel nervous now..

This weekend I'll back home to celebrate my sis's weeding..
side hubby dia lak la... at bukit antarabangsa...
It's quite a rare chance for me to go..
so i choose to go instead of stay at home and study..study..study.. hahahhahaha.

Should i bring some notes there ? hurm..
I'm not sure also...


Azhar85 said...

just bring everything you want to bring...enjoy our exam..huhuhu :)

P/S : Good luck to your exam..hope u can score.. :)

mr ijol said...

jgn tk bawak toyol
neway gud luck :)))