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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

aku puazzz

hahaha akhirnya aku dpt jugaK!!!
last week sblom final sempat g shopping..
ingt nk window je..
tapi.. hehheh

even bajet bulan ni lari sket.. but ok la aku puasZZZ..
xsabar nk swim ngn barang baru.. bau kedai tuuu

NEW..i buy new ok.. xd bundle tau!

Nose Clip - Clear (Arena) RM 9.00
Sport Bag White - Medium (Arena) RM 89.90
Swimwear (Arena) RM139.90 + RM 99.00
Google (Arena) RM 79.90
Swim Cap(Speedo) RM69.90
Towel (Disney) RM 49.90
Flip Flop (Ticket) RM 10.00
Inner (UKNOWN) RM29.90

so total around rm500. =( but ok la

akhirnya segalanya baru..

p/s: yg lama aku nk jual.. sapa mahu???
kira second hand la..
google(Speedo) RM20.00
swimwear(arena) RM20.00
swimcap (arena) RM15.00
*no shipping ye.. COD only


JonyBr said...

I never knew swimming was such an expensive, i was thinking i will only buy a RM 20 shorts and just Jump in the pool? u think that wont be enough? :(

sunnysideup said...

I'm with you jony ! You are so into swimming ya Leading Lady !

Do you do synchronize dancing ? Maybe you might have a team ! Dare I guess if ameen is in the team as well, or amar ... ?

Azhar85 said...

biase le..gurl..huhuhu :)

P/S : Happy shopping gurl.. :P

: : Anys : : said...

when its come to this. hurm...
i want everything perfect..
performance lallal~
and kepuasan ma..
;p latest = trend..

dancing..? nope.. no talent =)..
zapin boleh la.. hahahaha
=) but apa pon.. amar the best..
he can sing very well..
and i guess can dance much better..

azhar.. no all gurl like dat actly.. hehehe me one in a million. myb :0
normal gurl loves buy clothes, shoes.. etc
but me.. hurm <3 sport.. i love swimming and play tennis juga.. same like boys juga la.. spend thousand for car..

Azhar85 said...

you're interesting gurl...Anys..huhuhu..anyway happy shopping..but don't forget to keep it a little..for a cautious..if emergency case happen...

mr ijol said...

wahhh shoping sakan.
gile larhh.
heh sy tk reti berenang pong.

sunnysideup said...

So now that the exam is over----what else.....

SHOP TIL YOU DROP GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

: : Anys : : said...

sir.. if i can shopping more..
i will but.. hurmm
credit crushed.. shoot of money.. start saving again..la.. :(

ijol. blups!
yups lets swim together. hahhaha
i can teach u.. just pay me..
bru leh jdi atlet.

baik abg azhar.. heheh
owh 1/7.
study samrt ok..
honest tamo la cheat.. unfair
la.. hehehhe.. ni petikan arab..
'man jada wa jada'... in malay sapa berusaha dia dapat..
who strive he gets...

Azhar85 said...


Thanks Anys 4 the support.. I appreciate it.. :)

P/S : Anys x buka YM ke..huhuhu..

: : Anys : : said...

heheh jrg la.. on ym..