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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is friendship?

A friend is someone who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts who you've become, and still, gently invites you to grow.

"then who u are for ur friends? are u really a good friend? "
i'm done with the friendship QUIZ.. and i'm glad to share with u guys..

how do you see yourself in a relationship?
-a give and take relationship.

how do dates usually go?

-i love to talk and have conversations. ^^

what would you say to a girl/guy if they asked you about one thing you would change?
-i'll try my best..

if your guy/girl sucked at singing what would you say?
-wow thats bad!

If some friend confides a secret in you, then:
-I’ll guard the secret even at the cost of my life.

When you are with just one friend, you might:
-Spend time just sitting and talking anywhere.

If a friend hurts you, you will:

-Still keep the friendship on from my side, and give time a chance.Feel very sad and wait them for an explanation.

If a friend has a learning problem, you will:
-Take time out and learn the topic together.

Your friend is lately going out with other people and ignoring you. What will you do?
-Not bother. Let it be! I too have other friends to go out with.

Your friend has borrowed money from you and is not returning it. How will you react?
-Ask them once or twice, and then let it go if still not returned. Friends are more important.

Your friend is getting better grades than you. You will:
-Work harder and try to defeat your friend the next time.

my result

The Best Friend
You certainly have a long list of friends. Many a times you do not know how to juggle time to keep them all happy. Your childhood friendships will certainly grow and get enriched even when you become an adult.

p/s: what say u?


JonyBr said...

I ll tell u what sort of a friend u r once i get to know u better as a friend :p
so beware:p

Azhar85 said...

hmm..interesting..n how about this..

Your friend backstabbing you from behind..what are you going to do?

or this

Your friend had stolen your money for about RM585.00 but he/she pretending to care about you eventhough you know he/she that stole your money...what are you going to do?

P/S : In real life..sometimes ourself is more precious than just friend...

: : Anys : : said...

sir.. i am a good friend la.. heheh

like i said before..
let it be je la Azhar
Allah tu kan adil..
harini hari dia esok lusa..
only god knows..
if she/he stolen mine..
i hope the next day she/he will crush.. hakahkahkahkahak

Azhar85 said...

Emm..maybe someday he/she will learn their mistake..

P/S : To be honest..i'm also appreciated friendship very much..but sometimes..luck are not on my side..

: : Anys : : said...

but u still ada me..