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Thursday, June 25, 2009

one more left..

enjoy TIME is coming!!

welcome Tomorrow! yeah~

tomorrow i hv one more subject which is It security.. hahha
bye2 3rd sem..
gosh !!!
sorry to say but i hate that subject..
really... hate theory subject..
not the lecturer of c0z.. =)

hurm.. on friday nite..
movie TIME tapi cm dah lambt sumer org dh syok open story
every ware. always transformers..
transformers.. even time lunch tdi pon
org sebelah tepi kiri kanan ..transformers..transformers..!!!
on train pon org tepi kiri kanan
keep chating abt transformers..transformers..

wah everyware!!!transformers..transformers.. hahahhahah

p/s : bumble bee da cutest one..


mr ijol said...
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mr ijol said...

movie kt mne ha?

JonyBr said...

I wanna watch too i wanna watch too *crying*

sunnysideup said...

Never mind tomorrow, after your final paper YOU can transform first...... into anything.... hahahah

Azhar85 said...


Autobots Rollout...

huhuhu :)

P/S : Sy baru nak start exam 1/7..x dapat tgk Transformers..xpe..exam lebih penting dari movie...bukannye Optimus Prime nak bantu aku pun kalau aku x boleh jawab exam...huhuhu :)

: : Anys : : said...

tonite my family and me planed nk watch transformers. hahahahha

: : Anys : : said...

^^ wee...

optimus prime was the great but ader veteran la.. funny characters

the twin Mudflap and Skids damn cute.. and Wheelie, a blue radio-controlled toy monster truck super duper cute..
they are awesome..

syok2x.. TErbaik dr Ladang!!!

mr ijol said...

terbaik dr ladang??
hahha dah pandai dahhh
:PPP today ade tournament futsal. huu

: : Anys : : said...

jom la ijol watch movie tgether.. xpnh pon.. :(

ader tournament ye
ok gd luck ye ^^ weeee

nix125 said...

da tgk lom?bst gler trnsformers...ari 2 kami xtgk kt klcc tau,sbb da pnuh,,kmi g dang wangi...mse ending tu smua tpuk tngan,mmg puas ht...

next sem de sbjek teory lg :P...

: : Anys : : said...

dah ngok..

yups tapi yg first l;agi terbaik..

huhu project management..
wek.. :(

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