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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friend week?

on this week.. i will keep posting about friend and friendship..

I had a positive and very negative experience.
i learn aLOT!!!

I'm very sorry for that. Sorry for myself too..

p/s: 4 those who know 'the story'... just renung-renungkan.

she lies to me and my friends....ALOT!!!
# yes thats a perfect friend !!!---thats just mean--- this is not the right way actly..

she talks about us behind our back
# i really don't care. becoz i know u're just jealous.

we always have to make time just to hangout but she can't take time for us
# its ok, as a human being.. i really understand her..

she interupts and buts into peoples conversations when we are talkin
# this is not right.. she has no respect for anything

would you give that person more chances after you explained to that person
# yes.. i believe second chance is better den first time. from dat she will know, her mistakes.& i hope she will INSAF.

would you like to have this person as your friend?
# yes. if she is not really rude n promise wont lies ANYMORE!!!!....


Azhar85 said...

You should change the title to Unfriendly Week..That suits the situation..huhuhu :)

JonyBr said...

hurmmm... I hope things get better between u people :) if u think u r not compatible then instead of trying hard just live separately :)

: : Anys : : said...

mne boleh unfriendly week...
bcoz smlm dah slow talk kan.
dia pon tetau la dah insaf ke x.. but me still asume her as a frenz..

so the rest..up to her la.. lalalalal~ still frenz ma..

: : Anys : : said...

thx sir..
yups.. hope so..
but still.. hurm..

just wait and see how;s is going..

Azhar85 said...

Hmm..awk wat post ni sebelum slow talk kan so ia jadi unfriendly week..but today dah slowtalk..baru la jadi Friend Week..huhuhuhu...anyway bagus la dah b'damai..x baik gado2..huhuhu

p/s : catfight..catfight..hehehe..just kidding..