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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Take a break.. waste time.. yeah ^^

Weekend Agenda : study.. belajar and study.. serta belajar

It’s funny rite..Final is just Tomorrow..
Small amount of student are actually studying. hahah…
me macam biasa la suka study last minute...
and i still have time to take a shots.. snappp pix lalallal~

my friends already plan what to spend their trimester break even just 2 days( sturday and sunday..). For me, doesn’t make any difference, but I’m already thinking about trimester break; hope that I can sleep more and yea, my ultimate goal is to sleep more. ^_^

owh ok.. TIMe out!!!
i need to continue my study now..

p/s: gd luck buddy! ^_^


Azhar85 said...

Good luck to you too Anys... :)

P/S : Seronok snap pic depan cermin kan..huhuhu..org cantik le katakan..huhuhuhu :)

nix125 said...

b.analysis paper mean i die hu2...

ngah fkir nk sbelah spe la nii...

good luck 4 exam :D...

JonyBr said...

haha ... what a cute pics lol
and good luck for tomorrow :)

: : Anys : : said...

thx.. yups .. azhar how bout urs? sudah final kah..?

nik..tu la anys pon pechah pale.. but uat bijak pandai je la..
goreng beramai2

thx sir.. :)

Azhar85 said...


Mane final lagi..final sy start 1/7sampai 7/7...3 paper je...anyway..how ur exam going..what paper that u take..awk kelas 30 kan..just guess...

: : Anys : : said...

betol and salah.. yups 29&30..
wah u tau erk..
esok me der englsh2 paper. h
ahah hope sir mus bagi soklan kacang.. jumaat last paper bosan It security..
xske theory..:(